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OBJECTIVE: Increase awareness of Hyatt Regency Boston and renovation among consumers and travel trade.


    • Using a $10.5 million renovation of the guest rooms and public spaces as a focal point, the hotel also transformed it’s green practices, uniforms, weekend packages and more.

    • Key message throughout the entire campaign was the extreme transformation of the entire property. The transformation is not only physical, but sensory and aesthetic as well.

    • Press releases were written and distributed on each of the areas of the transformation: Room Renovation; Extreme Packages; Green Initiatives; New Uniforms.

    • The launch of the Extreme Packages, radio promotions were undertaken with several radio stations in targeted markets. The hotel gave away a free package to listeners in exchange for free advertising on the radio station.


  • 4-week radio generated $150,000 free publicity for the hotel

  • After the integrated launch of the Extreme Packages through press releases & radio promotions, the packages sold 127% more than the previous year.

  • Value of press coverage generated in 12 months was $624,000

  • ADR increased 7% 2005 over 2004

  • Hotel revenues increased 25% over the same time period previous year

Case Study: Hyatt Regency: Welcome
Case Study: Hyatt Regency: Image
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