• Marketing, public relations, advertising and/or sales representation;

  • Development and/or implementation of sales, marketing and/or public relations strategic plans;

  • Branding and messaging;

  • Organizational Structure Analysis;

  • Analysis of marketing/sales department structures;

  • Competitive analysis;

  • Resource assessment; and

  • Strategic counsel


  • Media Relations;

  • Community relations;

  • Social Media Content Development & Management;

  • Writing and editing;

  • Press releases;

  • Newsletters, annual reports and advertorials;

  • Respond to appropriate editorial leads;

  • Development and implementation of media tours and events;

  • Communication audits; and

  • Production Services: We have worked with production companies such as BBC Holiday Heaven, BBC Good Food Live, Good Morning America, Peter Greenberg, and Burt Wolf Travel and Trails planning their itineraries, hotel negotiation, location manager/scout, whatever they needed.


  • Creative Marketing and e-marketing campaigns;
  • Promotional events

  • Graphic design and print product management for newsletters, brochures, sales kits, press kits, websites, and other collateral material;

  • Develop third party product consumer marketing opportunities;

  • Website content development;

  • Educational training in tourism; and

  • Development of Strategic Alliances: One of the major strengths of the Open the Door is the extensive and demonstrated experience we have partnering with a variety of organizations and leveraging resources to achieve greater results. Recognizing the importance of finding non-traditional partners, we work with consumer products, airlines, colleges and universities, the travel trade and any organization that is targeting similar clients where we have been able to work together and leverage marketing budges. We ensured that all receive fair and equitable coverage and that their individual goals and objectives were met while meeting the overall goals of the group as a whole. Working with over 100 companies like Harrods Department Store, Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, Keds Sneakers, Timberland Shoes, DHL, American Airlines, and more, Open the Door has leveraged marketing budgets 600% in order to generate awareness for clients.


  • Establish presence on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more

  • Build engagement with existing followers and grow engagement with potential followers

  • Reach new audiences through social media

  • Categorize your posts with an individualized hashtag and handle specific to you

  • Instagram photography

  • Food photography

  • Engaging/Interactive Instagram stories

  • Content Design


  • Sales Account Management;

  • Database development and maintenance;

  • Sales promotion activities: road shows; product launches, trade/consumer shows; and 

  • Lead generation